Bringing It All Together

Search criteria and filters can be combined together to create a complex search query.

Let's say for example we want all the images in the category 'corporate' that are not in the category 'logos', have keyword 'hotel', are approved, and have a star rating of 3 or more stars.

    GET /assets?filters=(AssetType+EQ+Image)+AND+(AverageRating+GE+3)+AND+

Additional Parameters

Additional parameters of count, offset and sort can be added to any search or filter

Some sort options are:

  • Date Uploaded - record.createdAt+D
  • Date Approved - file.approvedAt+D
  • Date Modified - record.modifiedAt+D
  • Date Expired - file.expiresAt+D
  • File Name - file.fileName+D
  • Size - file.sizeInBytes+D
  • Title - title+D


GET /assets?count=25&offset=0&search=pyramid&sort=record.createdAt+D
will return the first 25 assets with 'pyramid' sorted by date uploaded

GET /assets?count=25&offset=25&search=pyramid&sort=record.createdAt+D
will return the next 25 assets