PATCH Requests


Patches are to follow the IETF standard.

The body of a patch request consists of a set of changes that are to be applied to an entity. There are 6 acceptable instructions: Add, Remove, Update, Test, Move, and Copy.


Instruction Summary
Add Adds a value to the specified field in the entity.
Remove Removes the value of the specified field. The value will return to the default value.
Replace Updates the value of the specified field.
Test Tests whether the value of the specified field is equal to the value in the request.
Move Moves the value from one field to another.
Copy Copies the value from one field to another.


The request must have a content-type of application/json-patch+json and a Http Action of PATCH.

The body consists of a list of changes to apply to the entity:

    { "op": "test", "path": "/a/b/c", "value": "foo" },
    { "op": "remove", "path": "/a/b/c" },
    { "op": "add", "path": "/a/b/c", "value": [ "foo", "bar" ] },
    { "op": "replace", "path": "/a/b/c", "value": 42, "oldValue": 31 },
    { "op": "move", "from": "/a/b/c", "path": "/a/b/d" },
    { "op": "copy", "from": "/a/b/d", "path": "/a/b/e" }

If "op" is entered as any value other than an accepted instruction, or if a required field is missing from an instruction the line will be ignored, and an error will be added to the response.

If a field that is not needed has a value in it, a warning is added to the response, but the instruction is executed.