Basic Search

A full text search can be performed to return all the assets that contain particular text in categories, keywords, file names, comments and descriptions.

GET /assets?search=pyramid
will return all assets that contain 'pyramid' in one of the above listed fields

Search Operators

AND, OR and NOT are all supported boolean operators.

GET /assets?search=car+plane
will return any assets that contain both 'car' and 'plane', ie. 'AND' is implicit.

If you don’t want this, you can explicitly use Boolean operators:

GET /assets?search=car+OR+plane
will return assets with either 'car' or 'plane'

GET /assets?search=car+NOT+plane
will return assets with 'car' but not 'plane'

Exact Phrase Search

For an exact match, place your search in between " "

GET /assets?search="good night moon"
will return assets with 'good night moon'

Wildcard Search

Wildcard search is supported by adding * before or after the word you are looking for:

GET /assets?search=flag*
will return all results like flags, flagging, flagger, Flaggington, Flagstaff, ...

Search in Specific Fields:

If you want to search in specific fields to narrow your search there's two ways to do it. You can match search fields to search terms in ?search= querystring or you can define search fields in ?searchFields= querystring to limit your whole search to some specific fields. The following are currently supported and can be used in ?search= querystring: 

  • categoryIds
  • category or categories
  • cognitiveBackgroundColor
  • cognitiveForegroundColor
  • cognitiveDominantColors
  • cognitiveTextInImage
  • comment or comments
  • description
  • fileName
  • keyword or keywords
  • title

Examples for searching in specific fields by matching terms to search fields in ?search= can be found HERE

More about limiting your whole search to specific fields by using ?searchFields= can be found HERE