Before You Begin

You need to have access to an existing MediaValet Media Library before you register for a Developer Account. So you need to be an existing customer or you have signed up for a free trial already or you are a MediaValet Technology Partner. If you do not have access to an existing MediaValet library, please register here. MediaValet Technology Partners or companies interested in partnering can send an email to

API documentation is only available after your Developer Account has been approved. Please register to initiate the developer account approval proces and provide the same email address that you use in logging into the MediaValet Client Portal so we can confirm that you belong to a valid partner/enterprise account.

After you activate your account, please go to Plans and subscribe to a developer plan or an enterprise plan. Once your subscription has been approved, you will see your subscription keys under your Profile.

Exploring the Enterprise Media Library API

Before you dive into the API Documentation, please take time to read the Overview of the API and the Authentication process.   It is important to understand that this is a HyperMedia API and you get a list of resources and methods that you are allowed to call in the Json Home Document. Though the API is very straightforward just like any other API, please also review:

Developer Support

Developers can log and discuss issues on this portal. If you need to contact the development team directly, you can email